Basic Electrical Hand Tools Pdf995

Basic electrical hand tools pdf995

A must-have for beginners and pro electricians alike, a tape measure is essential for measuring heights for switch and outlet placement, centering lighting fixtures and so much more. Checking voltages and current is critical to any electrical job.

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A multimeter is an important all-in-one tester used to measure voltages, current and resistance in an electrical circuit and can help you locate power fluctuation causes like shoddy wiring. Klein Tools offers some budget and pro multimeters to suit your needs.

A handy tool to strip or cut off the insulation on wires.

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A good quality wire stripper will do a clean job every time and is designed with a cutoff portion and various sized cutting teeth for different sized wires or cable. Top models include ergonomically designed handles requiring less hand force and curved cutting blades to ensure cleaner, precise cuts.

Basic electrical hand tools pdf995

We recommend Wide Steel Fish Tape by Klein Tools — available in different lengths along with Klein cable lube to assist in guiding the tape through narrow spaces. Pick the one that suits your budget and needs.

We recommend the Klein voltage tester; a durable tester that will provide accurate test readings and a long service life on the job-site, in the shop and at home.

Basic electrical hand tools pdf995

Pliers come in many types depending on what needs to done. For example, side-cutting or diagonal pliers are specially designed for wire cutting. Their cutting edge goes to the tip of the pliers and comes in handy to trim wires in tight spaces.

Basic electrical hand tools pdf995

These can cut wire, twist wires together using their squared off tip and grip and pull wire. We carry a wide range of pliers for any job at hand.

Basic electrical hand tools pdf995

A great installation starts with getting the basics right. A level is used to make sure all your work is level including straight outlet covers, wall plates and switches.

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Lightweight and compact, it provides accurate readings, including horizontal, vertical and at degree angles. Any pro electrician will tell you that proper lighting is key to any electrical job, and that you should never try and reach into a panel without proper lighting. When lighting conditions on the job site are not the best, a good flashlight or work light can save the day.

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We offer over 50 types of flashlights to fulfill any lighting need in any space. Electrical issues are often difficult to trace down and quite often the issue might be intermittent and the result of a poor connection. A wire crimp tool is one of the best ways to repair wires causing faulty circuit connections.

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Investing in a good quality crimp tool ensures a long-lasting seal and will give you decades of reliable use. A quality set of screwdrivers can last forever. There are a ton of options available including electronic screwdrivers , magnetic screwdrivers for better grip, mutli-tip screwdrivers with interchangeable tips, precision screwdriver sets , pocket clip-style screwdrivers and more.

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