Aesops In Rhyme Book 1823

Aesops in rhyme book 1823

Some offsetting of the illustrations onto the facing text page. Contents leaf nearly detached and has a few spots the largest 2cm. Also has a neat inscription to top margin.

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About 4 other leaves have small marks but not fingered nor foxed and no tatty edges or tears Osborn has imperfect copy. Charming illustrations. View All Books listed in alphabetical order. Author: Taylor, Jefferys.

Aesops in rhyme book 1823

PlacePub: London. Date: Illustrations: Engravings 70 oval vigngnettes on 35 plates plus full page frontis of Aesop on trial before the animals. Click to enlarge ' ;.

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Æsop in Rhyme, with Some Originals

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Aesops in rhyme book 1823

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Aesops in rhyme book 1823

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Aesops in rhyme book 1823

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Aesops in rhyme book 1823

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